Notes on “Wayfarers”:

•  What are watermelon stones? (Watermelon tourmalines)
Watermelon tourmalines and why they look that way.

•  The scene with Benson/Noah has been freely borrowed from a Lassie episode.

•  I did my best to dovetail this smoothly into the season finales of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime.

•  I miss those places that Matthew Hogarth mentioned, too!

•  Dedicated to Mom and Dad, and those two cross-country trips (1975 and 1978) that contributed to this story. The tornado story is based partially on an event from our 1975 cross-country trip, as is seeing the stars outside the Grand Canyon on that same trip.

•  Inspector Lewis Erskine was the protagonist of the television series The FBI.

•  I just pictured Alex and Sara bonding over their...unusual guys.


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