Notes on “Survival”:

• You might call this the "almost lost Milbury tale." I originally conceived and began it on or a little before August 4, 2022. Alas, "Synthesis" (then called "Change of Life") began to percolate in my brain the next day and became a monster of epic proportions; even though I wasn't planning to pull the trigger on it until spring of 2023 at the earliest, I knew I had to get all the salient portions of the story down before I lost them, including the three "interludes" which sprang almost fully formed from nowhere, and before I knew it, August was gone and "Fearless" had shown up.

• At the same time I was still working on a very adult "Milbury tale" that I'd begun in June 2022, and I already had "Choice" scheduled to go live in October, then I wanted to do a Thanksgiving story from Shard's kinda snowballed.

• Also, while I had a pretty good idea of the plot I wanted the "survival" portion to follow, I was having a tougher time with the "search" scenes. Let's say I lost the threads of "Survival" in October and didn't start working on it again until the end of last month when I technically finished "Tour" (although I confess I'm still working on edits to the second half). This time the two parts of the story seemed to flow much easier, and I'm happy to present it finally in completed form only nine months late.


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