Notes on “Matrimonial”:

I don't really have distinct faces for all of the Dark Crystal's denizens. Shard looks like Ron Carver but taller and a bit more angular, TJ is basically a younger version of Henry Louis Gates. The only one I see clearly is Tilde, who looks somewhat like Alison Pill's character Agnes Juradi on Picard.

The "Alexandra" quiz question is one of Bobby's easier ones.

I love the train scene.

Alex does an inordinate amount of eavesdropping in this story; since the stories are written from her POV it kind of worked out that way. When I get out of POV later in the story, I revert to italics.

The two scenes with Alex and Penelope may be my favorites.

If you haven't seen Rene Balcer's set-and-filmed-in-Paris eight-episode series Jo, you may be surprised about the Nicole revelation. Yes, she's alive. And pregnant, or was in 2014 (so she lied to Goren about being unable to bear anymore children—but why would you expect truth out of Nicole Wallace anyway?). Jo is a police procedural starring Jean Reno as Joachim St. Clair, a scruffy middle-aged widower police detective on Paris' elite Criminal Brigade squad (think Criminal Intent crossed with a little CSI and lots of personal angst like in Wallander) who's trying to kick his alcohol/drug addictions to show his similarly-inclined daughter a good example. In the final episode of the series, he's on the track of a woman named Madeleine Haynes who's having a affair with an important French government official. Haynes turns out to be Wallace, and St. Clair reads several of "the New York detective's" reports on Wallace in the course of the story. (Haynes also has some choice comments about Declan Gage's report of "Nicole's last words.") The series is on Amazon Prime for free (so far) and Rene Balcer also posted all the episodes to Vimeo. Jill Hennessey from "the mothership" (Law & Order) is a regular playing a nun who helps the homeless and Sam Waterston guests in an episode.

Lilacs are my favorite flower. I had to make do with artificial ones. Where was Penelope when I needed her?


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