Notes on “Legacy”:

I conceived Harry Cavanaugh back in October 2021 as a generic fat white guy composite of all the management figures I'd ever loathed (plus a few co-workers to boot). Imagine my surprise when beginning this story in which Harry shows up "in the flesh" in April 2022 while watching seasons five and six of Longmire, in which the character of Tucker Baggett, the shyster lawyer who's engaged Walt in a civil suit, appears—here was Cavanaugh just as I'd imagined him, brought to malicious life by actor Brett Rice. So while Cavanuagh isn't totally Rice, it's how he ended up with a Tennessee drawl.

I see Grace Chadwick as an older version of Raffi from Picard.

So, yeah, Fornell from NCIS. Since I've been in love with Joe Spano since Hill Street Blues...

My favorite line in this whole story may be Alex's "rabies booster" retort.

The moment I saw "The Catacombes" episode of Rene Balcer's series Jo, I wondered about that child Nicole was pregnant with and if she possibly could have wangled a scheme in which Bobby unknowingly fathered it. My first idea was to have Mignon be his child, but Nicole had literally spent eight years poisoning her mind, especially against Alex, and I really didn't want to do a "bad seed" story. A fan then told me her story about chatting with Olivia D'Abo and the latter's belief that Nicole wanted another chance to prove she could raise and love a child. What if she had, but also had just gone through some Machiavellian plot to ensure Bobby was the father? Voilá!

Dormeral isn't real; I just had fun thinking up a one-of-a-kind drug name.

As for thwarting Nicole's scheme, I thought that Bobby, of all people, who raced to rescue a nephew he hardly knew, cared for his mother even when it was obvious that Frank was the "fair haired child," was still concerned about a brother who didn't give a damn about him, and who was always worried about mental fragility what with both his mother's schizophrenia and any "predeliction" for violence from his biological father would come to the inevitable conclusion that fathering a child would be too dangerous.

Sometime I'm going to have to do a story with Ben and Karin...


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