Notes on “Fearless”:

Not sure where this came from. Wanted to do an Alex story, something about her mother, whom we heard little about, and something with Bandit.

Makes a great Christmas decoration, but, yes, bittersweet will overrun your yard. Also an invasive species.

Why didn't Eames mention her mom more? This was my take.

Here's to all the spouses of police officers, firefighters, and those who serve in the military. You do a yeoman job.

My mom was able to do hospice at home. Both of them, in RI and in GA, were remarkable.

A "tip o' the hat" to Picard/Star Trek: the Next Generation and to The Orville.

The story of Kendra and Bandit is based on something minor that happened in real life. When I lived on my own in a studio apartment my bed was separated from the living room by a partial wall, and I could see Sylvester, the budgie, in his cage from the bed. I was very sick one day, but Sylvester was making unhappy noises. I opened the door to the cage, but instead of wanting to fly to his perch on the sliding glass door or sit on top of his cage, he wanted to stay with me, but I wanted desperately to be back in bed. I finally brought him back to the bed with me, got under the covers, and sat him on a little Kleenex on top of the blanket to catch "deposits." Sylvester stayed there for over two hours, just fluffed up, and we napped together; whenever I opened my eyes to see how he was, Bandit would open one eye and blink at me, then we both would go back to sleep for another half hour. Bandit seems like a perspicacious little creature and it's not hard imagining him doing what he does.

Mindhunter by John Douglas is the story of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI (as in the series Criminal Minds—also in a fictionalized version on Netflix), which did much to establish the development of behavioral profiling, which, of course, is Bobby's discipline.


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