Notes on “Dear Irené”:

• Newtown, CT, was the location of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings.

• I found the bashert reference in Jean Meltzer's The Matzah Ball; it struck me as being so Goren and Eames:

"Your other half exists to make you better. She exists to complete something you lack, and vice versa. You challenge each other, like chavruta, two blades which sharpen each other. But that's different than love... In some ways, it's more powerful. Because only your bashert, your other half, can fill up what you lack…and help you fulfill your destiny." Quote ©2021 by Jean Meltzer

• Gladys Taber's property, Stillmeadow Farm, is part of a land trust along with the Phillips Farm Nature Preserve in Southbury, CT.

• I have a cousin Irene who was adopted as a small child, she is of French-Canadian descent, and my dad used to sing "Goodnight Irene" to her all the time.

• Think of Sister Rosamund as a cross between Sister Julienne and Sister Monica Joan on Call the Midwife.


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