Notes on “Choice”:

• The rest area sequence is based on a true story that happened November 2004 at a New Jersey travel center for a bathroom break and a meal. Leaving Willow in her crate in the car, we took Pigwidgeon inside, his carry box wrapped in his flannel cage cover. I went to the rest room and came back to find James with a big grin on his face. "I never thought having a bird with me would make me such a babe magnet." Apparently at least three attractive women had passed by to coo over Pidgie.

• The "craft people" Kaye mentions are real, have come to the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy Festival annually, and they did retire this year: Country Pick'ns, the Messengers, from Kansas. Like Kaye, I couldn't think of another theme for our house (in retrospect I should have done an Easter-themed one), so I actually did collect the items to make a shadowbox to go with this story.

• The first time someone mentioned the Kardashians on a news program I couldn't figure out why they were talking about Cardassians from Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

• My dad had a Kaiser back in the 1950s, but not sure which model it was, and he's no longer here to ask. But look up a Metropolitan and see if it indeed doesn't look cool.

• The Sidewinder is loosely based on Texas Roadhouse (sans peanuts).

• As I mentioned in a previous liner note, we have a trucker friend with a tuxedo cat named Skunk. I thought it was a cool cat name, so I borrowed it for Donny's cat.

• "Scotty": Scott Alan Gibson, the kidnapped boy from "Inn."

• The closing line was also prompted by an old Facebook post: "I asked James, 'Have you been drinking?' to make sure he stays hydrated. He said yes, and Snowy announced, 'Good boy!'"


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