Notes on “Bookmarks”:

• Hastings House, as I've mentioned in other story notes, is the publisher who accepted John-Boy Walton's first novel. He mentions Quentin Hastings the original in my fanfic "Homesick," a crossover between Remember WENN and The Waltons.

• Yes, budgies will eat eggs. Most budgies will eat anything that doesn't eat them first. Sylvester liked turkey legs. Merlin loved pork chops. He once claimed a big pork chop bone we tossed to our 40-pound dog. Leia didn't protest, either. She knew who the alpha animal in the house was.

• I have this vision of Bobby as a little boy rapt in this fabulous old library with vintage woodwork and old-style Thomas Hart Benton-like murals on the wall, just like the original building that was the Providence Public Library.

• I have plans for these two next year, and there are several bits of foreshadowing fact the bare bones of the spring story are already written—16 chapters and an epilogue and postlude. And a sequel to that begun, with some new characters introduced. Stay tuned.


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