Notes on “Gifted”:

When I wrote the original scene introducing TJ, I never intended Phil to make a return appearance as part of it. He just showed up. Darn characters just do as they like...

The radio song Alex shuts off is, of course, Barry Manilow's "Ready to Take a Chance Again."

I figure the moment Alex packs up the Taber books, she's already made her decision. :-)

Mrs. Perrino's grandkids' names owe a Tip O' the Hat to Blake's 7 and also to Remember WENN.

Nathan's is known for its hot dogs, but their onion rings are really, really good. :-)

Our old dog, Willow, loved carrots. Tucker, our latest dog likes mandarin oranges. So Sam gets the best of both worlds.

Ah, the eternal "Molly question." The Law & Order: Criminal Intent Wiki states that Molly (the curly-haired little girl from the opening scene in the episode "Faithfully" who offers Goren some butterbeans) is Donny's half-sister, and I had gone along with that until just recently. However, given that "Faithfully" follows "Frame," in which Frank Goren is killed, my thoughts are now that Molly is a member of William Goren's side of the family. The family scene opening "Faithfully" shows Goren sharing dinner at what seems like a rural home with an older man and woman, a younger man, and two children, one of whom is Molly. The episode just states they are his "family," hitherto unmentioned. My theory is that the older woman is probably his father's sister, and she married a man named Fry, hence the name "Fry" on the return address of the envelope Goren receives in the mail in the final scene. The younger man is probably his cousin, and Molly and the little boy are the cousin's children, so that Molly is Bobby's first cousin once removed. My guess is that William Goren was the "wild child" of the family, probably left home at an early age for New York City, and the family had become estranged from him, but when Frank died, Goren's aunt came to Frank's funeral and he reconnected with them. (Perhaps a similar explanation was edited from the final cut of the episode.)

Yep, have watched Vincent D'Onofrio in the remake of The Magnificent Seven.

Yes, worked in a CSI joke. Sue me. But it would be fun to see a Goren/Grissom crossover.

The first scene in I wrote in this story was Alex on the phone with Logan.


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